Spirare Surfboards

Reclaiming the rubbish

‘Spirare’ is the Italian word for ‘breath’, rather ironic, since ocean pollution could very well leave us breathless. Combining a concern for pollution and a passion for surfing, Kevin Cunningham has pioneered a defence. The eco-warrior will begin a project aiming to reclaim the rubbish that washes up on our shores to produce functional, fine art in the form of surfboards, to be showcased in galleries around America.

Not only earth friendly; these boards are cleverly constructed, aesthetically pleasing and downright durable. But before Cunningham can turn scraps in surfboards, he needs financial support. Funding opportunity ends in three days and it is no surprise that his pledged goal has already been reached. It could be said that the talented Kevin Cunningham is a ‘breath’ of fresh air in the design and surfboard worlds.