Mine Kafon

Saving lives

When Massoud Hassani heard that landmines claim on average 42 lives in Afghanistan every month, he decided to do something about it. Envisioning something that could go ahead of humans and act as a low-cost landmine detonator, he designed and built Mine Kafon – the large, futuristic balls you see above. Made from biodegradable plastic and bamboo, it’s light enough to travel via wind – like tumbleweed – but obviously, with enough weight to detonate.

Mine Kafon is a crazy-low cost solution to clearing landmines, which Hassani is hoping to deploy in Afghanistan, the Western Sahara or Southern Lebanon. After building a successful prototype, Hassani turned to Kickstarter to fund Mine Kafon’s future and further research and development. Thankfully, the call for backing was a roaring success – we can’t wait to see what this clever, life-saving design does for our world.