A computer you can throw

Throwing a computer is usually frowned upon and something you should never ever do – until now. Introducing Hackaball – a smart and responsive ball made for kids to program and play games of their own choosing. A godsend for parents, this throwable computer encourages youngsters to learn about technology, play together and be physically active. It also teaches kids to create, test and refine from a very early age – and we think that’s really, really cool.

Another brilliant idea funded by the fine folks at Kickstarter, Hackaball itself is a collaboration through and through. Innovation accelerator Made by Many partnered with industrial designers MAP to make the ball attractive, robust and simple to put together, while Karl Sadler created Hackaball’s sweet sounds and Kudu helped with the electronics. Our new favourite computer by a long shot, Hackaball also rewards nippers with unlockable features, challenging them with broken games to fix and the ability to share their creations with friends. The list of Hackaball benefits just keeps on going. We can’t get enough.