Microgarden Kit

Ooh baby greens, my baby greens I need (to eat) you

For the past decade or so, it seems everyone is loving tiny things more than usual. Like miniature pigs are for some reason far superior to normal-sized swine. Babies cooler than adults. Bonsais more likeable than trees. And so on and so forth. You’d think bigger is better but these minutes are proving otherwise, especially microgreens. Yes, they’re cuter than their fully grown counterpart and they taste the same, but – and here’s the clincher – microgreens are 40 times more nutritious than macro ones. That’s one of many reasons why we just had to share the Microgarden Kit with you. It’s hyper local, hyper delicious and hyper damn clever.

Made from recyclable waterproof material that’s origami-like in form and function, the Microgarden was designed for anyone who wanted to grow greens from their very own home. The brainchild of Berlin-based Infarm and Swedish studio Tomorrow Machine, the handy dandy Microgarden Kit comes with agar agar powder, three varieties of organic seeds and detailed instructions, so you can sow, sit back and watch it grow. Within one to two weeks of planting, your microgreens are ready to eat without having to water them ONCE. Don’t act like you don’t want one. These wondrous kits can be purchased at one of our favourite institutions, Dwell.