Estonian Forest Installation

Surround sound

Ever wanted to sit between three giant megaphones in the middle of an Estonian forest, kicking back and drinking in the sweet sweet sounds of nature? WELL JEEZ LOUISE ARE YOU IN LUCK. Students from the interior architecture course at the Estonian Academy of Arts have basically made all your Christmasses come at once with this striking installation, which captures and amplifies all the beautiful foresty noise of its surroundings at Võrumaa, near the Latvian border.

Featuring 3-metre wide wooden structures carefully angled to optimise the aural experience, the project is the brainchild of student Birgit Õigus, and was built by  a team of her fellow students. Intended to serve as a peaceful resting place for ramblers as well as the ideal spot for a free wildlife concert, it’s hoped that locals and tourists will flock to the installation. If it proves popular, there’s potential for growth – with half of Estonia completely covered in forest, there’s probably space for one or two more of these treasures.

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