Daily Needs

Heads down, green thumbs up

Now there’s really no excuse to not grow herbage or keep chickens. Rubik’s Cube-esque in its style of adaptation, Daily Needs is a modular garden and chicken coop – encouraging us to get back to basics and consume locally. Made for city dwellers, this healthier, sustainable alternative was thought up by graphic/product design outfit Studio Segers.

The best bit? It’s flat-packed! So the parts are easy to assemble/disassemble. It’s all you need to house chicks and veggie beds, get composting and even store your tools. What’s great about Daily Needs is it could happily reside in public or shared spaces, so communities can get in on it or apartment blocks can share the love. You might even want to start selling your harvest and strike a sweet deal with your neighbourinos. The world is your oyster. Go forth and farm.