Light my fire

Inspired by a lack of public lighting, Alberto Vasquez designed Flow – a clever concept that produces light without a grid. Made for the seaside city of Cartagena Colombia, Flow takes advantage of local resources – it’s made up of bamboo and powered by coastal breezes. Not only is it making the city safer when the sun goes down, it’s also good for the planet as the lamp biodegrades except for a handful of electronics (LEDs, wires and dynamo).

To avoid using a cement base, interlocking bamboo bars plant the structure firmly in the ground like the roots of a tree. Vasquez has designed the light so it can be assembled by virtually anyone, which is the cherry on Flow’s sundae of benefits since it’s crazy cost effective and boasts a 20+ year lifespan. Flow is a seriously sweet idea that we really want to see coastal cities around the world embrace.