London Bike Kitchen

Fix yo’self

The London Bike Kitchen (LBK) is exactly what its name suggests – a space housing everything you need to fix a meal bicycle. Born of frustration that there wasn’t a place for two-wheel lovers to learn how to care for a bike on their own, LBK is a wonderful initiative that combines education with local community. Rather than doing it for you, LBK is all about providing you with bike wizardry tools and showing you how to use ‘em.

With classes like the Introduction to Maintenance and Pedal Powered Lights, the team will teach you everything from building your own bike to prepping for long distances, a la Tour De France. All you need to do is sign up for membership, and on initiation you’ll receive a custom LBK leather jacket and bandana. Jokes. In all seriousness, we’re big fans of the DIY workshop model and hope to see more crop up in major metros real soon.