Lost your bottle

What do you get when you cross an anonymous art group with a commission to highlight the shocking amount of plastic waste we discard on a daily basis? A luminous labyrinth of plastic, that’s what. Formed in Spain by a photographer and an artist, Luzinterruptus are known for staging guerilla public ‘interventions’ around the streets of Madrid. Invited to travel to Krakow as part of the Katowice Street Art Festival, the pair created an artistic

comment on the modern plague of waste with a 26-metre installation of suspended, illuminated plastic. Particularly keen to highlight the environmental and social impact of bottled water, Luzinterruptus created their magic from 6000 bottles deemed unfit for sale by a local bottling plant. Hung in plastic bags with LED lights inside them, the lights were joined by bottles discarded by locals over the course of the two week stint – with the whole lot meticulously recycled once the festival was over. Plastic fantastic indeed.