Unpack the picnic

Picnic mats seem to forever be that one item you forget to bring to your park, beach or outdoor adventure. Well, not anymore – say hello to Kumeko’s bag AND picnic mat. We all know two-in-ones rule, and now you can go from comfortable picnic mat to spacious tote bag with just a fold, lift, click and fasten. Voila! You’ve got a bag and you’re good to go.

The company behind this clever combo is Kumeko. Based in Berlin, their mission is to present traditional lifestyle products in new forms, shapes and textures. Their bag/mat combo is made from 100% cotton and recycled leather, and it’s just one origami-inspired product of their Ship-Shape collection. Kumeko’s beautifully functional offerings inspire us to take a minute, relax and enjoy our surroundings – and we really can’t argue with that.