Alt eco fash at its finest

NYC-based label VPL is a staple of eco fashion. With a focus on slow and sustainable design and production, the brand is headed up by CEO Kikka Hanazawa – founder of Fashion Girls for Humanity. Starting as a line of underwear that could also be worn as outerwear, VPL (Visible Panty Line) garments have evolved into pieces that also function as banging luxe athleisure/active wear. A catalyst in the industry, VPL is the most #iconic thing to happen in androgynous lingerie since Jenny Shimizu’s advocacy for garments without traditionally gendered detailing.

VPL’s innovative attitude in spawning social shifts in fashion translates directly to its manufacturing. Just under 20% of fabric used to produce clothing in larger factories ends up in landfill: the VPL team maximise the yield of their beautiful fluoro fabric pieces by developing their designs to utilise material scrap, without compromising the perfect fit of their garments. But why stop at upcycling their own leftover fabric? VPL partners with top designer factories to collect other unused bits and pieces, using the savings to fund social initiatives and advocacy from alt fash shows to free #VPLCamp events, and a women’s education fund. These garments fit beautifully, function as almost anything you want them to be, and reflect the shifts in eco fashion and gender binaries. We’re so about it.