Worth forking out for

The fortunate majority of us don’t give a second thought to picking up a knife and fork and tucking into the next meal. So when we came across a smarter type of cutlery designed to help those with hand tremors and limited hand mobility, we quickly checked ourselves and jumped at the chance to share this brilliant design. Aptly named Liftware, these handles electronically stabilise and level out your hand movements – aiming to reduce tremors by a whopping 70%.

With built-in sensors that detect motion, Liftware can distinguish an unwanted tremor from an intended hand movement, and to stabilise, its computer actually directs two motors in the handle to move the attachment in the opposite direction of any tremor. In other words, it’s bloody brilliant. Liftware is the brainchild of Verily – a group of scientists and engineers who graduated from Google’s infamous X program and are now putting health data into action. It’s small but mighty ideas like Liftware that are making many lives a hell of a lot easier – and we can’t wait to see what they design next.