Bento excellento

Every office has that person – you know who we mean. The one who comes to work with a beautiful lunchbox full of delicious, colourful compartmentalised treats: fishy things, fruity things and something you can’t tell is kale or seaweed or something else. Your $20 cardboard-boxed avocado toast = suffering from clinical food-envy-itis, and you want all of their artistic food creations in your mouth right naaaow. You make a decision to get some good Tupperware and set your morning alarm a little louder. You’re still thinking about it the next day, in-between mouthfuls of dry, plastic-packed avo sushi.

Prepd is the creation of adorable San Fran designer-bros Chris Place and Will Matters, who saw a gap in the market: aesthetically pleasing eco-friendly lunch boxes that people actually want to use. It’s no secret that the environmental impact of single-use disposable packaging is awful, awful, awful. An even bigger non-secret is how tedious it is prepping and carrying around a healthy packed lunch. Prepd have created a smart lunchbox that they’ve paired with an intuitive food prep app that ensures zero wastage and sub-zero hassle – enabling users to create a week’s worth of packed lunches with the guidance of an included shopping list. The pack itself is a beautiful and versatile modular system that gives a gentle nod to bento boxes, with nesting containers that are built to last, completely leak-proof and can be frozen and microwaved. The cutlery (chopsticks or knife-fork-spoon) is smart and magnetic, and when you open the pack its cover doubles as an eating mat. Your corner cafe won’t love it, but we think you will.