Honeybee Wrap

A glad alternative

It’s no secret that global trash is turning our oceans into a big old scrap smoothie and our soil into a big old rubbish rocky road (we’re making this sound delicious, but it’s nothing to drool over). If excess disposable plastics are part of the problem, then grassroots eco projects like Honeybee Wrap are part of the solution.

These lovely, brightly coloured organic cotton wraps are handmade in Byron Bay, and because of their clever beeswax coating, you can use the warmth from your very own hands to mold and shape the wrap over food and dishes. Being free from PVC and phthalates makes Honeybee Wrap a great alternative to regular plastic food storage, but they’re less like a cling wrap replacement and more like a multifaceted, beautiful and sustainable way to prevent both food and plastic waste.