Lay tech’s best latex

If you thought the birds and the bees talk with your kids or parents was awkward, imagine the nervous laughter father-daughter team Jeffery and Meika Hollender shared founding their condom company Sustain. The first fair trade condom company to say yes to ethically-sourced rubber and no to any nasties (like petroleum, silicone, parabens, and glycerin) gets a resounding YES from their clientele – in more ways than one.

While 40% of condoms are purchased by women, almost 100% are marketed to men (although we never tire of this ad), so resisting the temptation to pink-wash their products is a breath of fresh air. Sustain is asking lady-types to be kinder to their vagina, and think about what’s actually being inhaled by the most absorbent part of their body (true story), which is why they offer all-natural sexual health products, period kits and hygiene extras. Sustain doesn’t just put your girl (Mother Nature) first, their condoms are made with thinner latex for a heightened sexual experience. Every. Body. Wins. Now it’s never been easier to be ethically and environmentally minded when it comes to sheaths and everything that happens under the sheets.