Seljak Brand

Woolly mammoth

In the southernmost part of Australia lives the country’s oldest weaving mill – and we’ve got good news for all of its unloved offcuts, you’re going to be used after all. Thanks to the freshly formed Seljak Brand, we can now get our hands on beautiful recycled wool blankets that are lightweight, durable and odour/stain/gross resistant. What we love most about Seljak is their ethos. For every ten blankets they sell, Seljak sends one to Australia’s Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, as their small way to make those who really need it feel welcome.  

The brains behind this lovely operation are sister squad Karina and Sam Seljak. Thankfully, our relationship with these clever ladies doesn’t end when we click ‘add to cart’. Once we’ve gotten so cosy with our blanket that it no longer identifies itself as a blanket, Seljak will collect it – free of freakin’ charge AND via a carbon neutral courier service – and take it back to the mill to spin into fresh yarn, making a brand-new blanket for someone else to enjoy. It’s not often we feel good about buying luxury items but Seljak makes us feel just that, and keeps us warm whilst doing so.

Hot tip: they’re offering free shipping Australia-wide until the end of April.