Ceci Ètait Une Chaise

No butts about it

‘Ceci Ètait Une Chaise’ is French for ‘this was a chair’ – a very literal name for a piece created by transforming the wooden base of a discarded school chair into a laptop stand. Product designer Alice Rosignoli created Ceci Ètait Une Chaise for the Colle/Serre exhibition centred around the FatBot – an ultra-lightweight manufacturing robot that slices and transforms existing forms into other objects.

This innovative digital tool is tailored for small workshops and belongs to exhibition-producers MagLab – a ‘laboratory shop’ that provides workspace for artists, and proposes micro-industrial activity free from heavy industrial processes. We say kudos to MagLab and Rosignoli for creating a product that goes from nurturing one prized possession to another. From butt bolster to laptop love? That’s some slick recycling right there.

Laptop Stand by Alice Rosignoli Laptop Stand by Alice Rosignoli