Nice bat

If you’ve been to any beach in South America or Europe, you would have witnessed a game of Frescobol. If you haven’t, imagine fit and tanned beach babes smacking a small rubber ball to and fro, mesmerising you with their accelerating rhythm until they get tired and you’re left hopelessly sunburnt. Frescobol is more than a brazilian beach sport, it’s a way of life that’s been playing nonstop along the beaches of Brazil since the 1940’s.

The ‘Lopes Mendes’ Frescobol beach bats are from the FB Collection, a cluster of glamorous beach style, founded by Harry Brantly and Max Leese in Rio de Janiero. Each bat is individually hand-made by skilled local craftsmen and produced responsibly – reclaiming small remnants of wood from marceneiro workshops. It’s the perfect summer recreation activity, buy yourself a sleek set, stay fit and have some fun with your pals – just don’t forget to slip, slop, slap.