From seed to skin

Could you live for one year, in clothes made from fibers that are solely sourced within 150 miles (roughly 240km) from your front door? Sounds impossible for most of us, doesn’t it? It’s not for Rebecca Burgess, who has initiated the Fibershed project: a challenge to do exactly that from her home in Northern California – a year in clothes handmade completely from local fiber (including native plant dye to add some colour)!

She ain’t crazy, she’s simply showing the world that beauty and fashion can function harmoniously when sustainability, local economies and regional agriculture are all put into practice. We’re waiting on the opening of the Fibershed Marketplace, an online store due to launch very soon, selling goods from local fiber farmers and artisans. Does Fibershed inpsire you? We’ve got good news – very soon Burgess will give you the low down on how to start your own Fibershed. Challenge accepted?