Made In The Now

24 hours and counting...

Somewhere in the world, every morning, a talented designer is under pressure to create a design inspired by a breaking news story. Why? Because they’re part of Made in the Now (MITN) and they achieve exactly what their name suggests – every 24 hours a new t-shirt is available for purchase on their website or via their app. A JM:Labs venture conceived and launched by Josephmark, MITN t-shirts blow the trumpet for responsible retail. Wastage is avoided by shirts being produced after orders are placed, and tees are shipped to you for free in reusable packaging.

MITN designers, illustrators and creatives hail from all over the world – anywhere, just as long as they can handle a doomsday deadline. The very first design was inspired by the millions of muggles who helped the seventh Harry Potter film break records but, as the venture’s name suggests, it’s no longer available. Despite vague talk of re-releases, MITN are pretty adamant about their ‘you snooze, you lose’ policy. Potential customers need to get in before the 24 hours is up; pray to the t-shirt gods they will re-release that missed design; or risk missing out forever.

Made in the Now