Brooklyn Grange

On the grapevine

With its epic rooftop garden initiative, Brooklyn Grange is running rings around most inner cities. Spread over 2.5 acres of what’s technically prime real estate, it’s producing over 50,000 lbs (so that’s like 22,000 kg) of organically-grown vegetables each year. Wait, it gets more impressive. The Grange also operate New York City’s largest apiary, boasting over 30 beehives. Uh-huh honey.

All of this deliciousness can be purchased at the Brooklyn Grange markets, or if you’re just too damn busy become a member and get the season’s best delivered straight to your door. You might’ve already been privy to its produce as they’ve partnered with restaurants and retailers throughout Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. New York, while we may be green with envy – we salute your community spirit and produce pushing.