Organic matters

Thanks to the emergence of urban beekeepers and inner city farms, gardening is sexy again, but today we want to talk about its less attractive cousin: composting. Not only does putting food waste in your regular garbage or landfill bin create methane gases that seriously harm the environment, but it’s also a waste of a really good resource. That’s right, waste. Food scraps contain so many juicy nutrients plants need to thrive, like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to name a few, so putting them back in the soil keeps your plants looking mean and green. This can be hard to do without access to a backyard, which is why we’d like you to meet the latest creation from Bionicraft.

Biovessel is an effective and oh-so aesthetically pleasing composting system designed to convert small amounts of domestic waste into food for your beloved plants. For those concerned about scrap smells and the politics of inviting an entire worm farm into your home, Biovessel is the ideal gateway to composting – it’s contained, odourless and provides instant gratification. Unlike larger systems where there are often more steps involved, Biovessel cuts out the middleman and lets you see your (not) waste being turned into plant food right before your eyes. Just add soil, scraps and a few wormy friends.

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