A place to travel back to

History is important; whether it’s good or bad, past events cannot be ignored or overlooked, but serve as a reminder of where we came from and how we got there. In the Bosnian town of Zenica, resides the Kamberovic Park; in 2009, a competition entitled “Historical Park of Medieval Bosnia” was held, whereby a segment of Kamberovic was to become a thematic park to symbolise Bosnia’s medieval history. A difficult challenge won by five young architects from Sarajevo (now known as FILTER architect group) with their design, Timespace.

Timespace is a museum pavilion, the entrance of the walkway declines into the earth, its walls are lined with mirrors and you return to where it began, but on a different level. The design is meaningful and we undoubtedly believe it creates an emotional pull; perhaps reminding us to take a good look at ourselves and remember that our actions lead to a series of causes and consequences. This video helps those of us not in Bosnia, to visualise the project and gain an insight into the architectural design concept. If you’re heading to Bosnia, put Timespace on your to-do list.


Timespace Timespace Timespace