Conflict Kitchen

Food for thought

We love food. And what we love even more is food that makes us think. Conflict Kitchen is a Pittsburgh-based restaurant that actually serves up something worth talking about – cuisine from countries the United States is in conflict with. Having already covered Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran and North Korea, this socially-aware kitchen is currently plating up dishes from Venezuela. The restaurant not only provides patrons with meaty conversation but also encourages them to get informed and get involved.

Founded by Jon Rubin and Dawn Weleski, Conflict Kitchen is truly giving Pittsburgh locals a taste of another culture’s food and political climate. For each focus country (and it changes every four months), Conflict Kitchen conducts interviews – both locally and abroad – to get a better idea of the chosen country’s situation. The eatery then collates these thoughts and opinions, before printing them on the wrappers they pack their delicious bites in. Whoever’s next, we love that Conflict Kitchen changes its storefront, menu and perspective in order to get the local community talking.