Green Cheese Cheesemaking

Dairy good

Everyone likes cheese. It’s a fact. The soft ones, the hard ones, the gooey ones, the smelly ones. They’re all delicious. So you can only imagine our excitement when we came across the starter kits from Green Cheese Cheesemaking – allowing you to make all the pressed curds you desire in the comfort of your own home. Success at last. Rich in flavour and history, green cheese is a term for fresh cheese – one that has not thoroughly dried yet, nor been aged.

The brainchild of Slovenia-based Barbara Prezelj, her handmade kits encourage people to whip up the goods at home and experiment a little – spreading the art of cheesemaking one starter kit at a time. Each bundle contains all the materials you need to make your own – you just need to decide whether you wanna make goat cheese, ricotta, paneer, labneh or queso blanco, or all five. Yes, ALL FIVE. We’ll quit rambling/drooling and leave you with one last thought: sweet dreams are made of cheese. Unless you’re lactose intolerant – then that really, really sucks.