Jellyfish Barge

Just add nothing

This mutant green-house-boat, AKA Jellyfish Barge, is a floating crop cultivator that doesn’t rely on soil, fresh water or chemical energy. Say what? Yep, this beauty purifies salt and/or polluted water thanks to desalination units that produce up to 150L of clean H2O per day. But wait, there’s so much more. Did you want Jellyfish Barge to float on recycled plastic drums? It does. Did you want to monitor and control your Jellyfish Barge remotely? Of course you can. Were you wondering how it’s all powered? With solar panels, duh.

We’re pretty sure the only thing Jellyfish Barge doesn’t do is chop up your crops and pop them in the frypan. Designed and built by Studiomobile (with development help from Pnat), this self-sufficient floating garden was born after the Studiomobile team heard the World Bank’s nerve-racking prediction that by 2050, our demand for food will be 60-70% higher than today. So now, in our utopia, Jellyfish Barges are everywhere.