Easier for the earth to swallow

Step aside tiny houses: there’s a NKOTB. These quaint little dwellings are called Ecocapsules, and they’re very pleased to meet you. Made of insulated fiberglass and aluminium shell, Ecocapsules are off-the-grid operating micro-shelters that use solar cell and wind turbine power, rainwater collection/filtration, composting and other earth-friendly technologies to allow the occupant to live anywhere they damn well want to. Within reason, of course. Not in your neighbour Larry’s backyard or anything.

Less a campout and more a mini portable hotel room, these little pods can fit two adults comfortably in their 68-square-foot interior. They include a kitchenette, running water, a flushing loo and a hot shower as well as plenty of storage space for equipment or heavy packers (what, no fireplace or spa?). Not to mention that everything is controlled and regulated via a smartphone app. The pods themselves can even charge an electric car whilst it’s being towed (unless you prefer to rig it up to your trusty horse or yak). The team behind these capsules at Nice Architects have released a limited-edition run of 50 pods, available for preorder at € 79,900. Whether you’re a researcher, ambitious Airbnb host, humanitarian action worker, or are just tired of human contact on an actual Daniel Plainview level: these little capsules will do the trick, and a fair few more tricks for good measure, no matter what kind of nomad you are.