Baby gear that’s worth monitoring

Tech is becoming more involved than ever in helping us be better parents to our children. What’s more, it helps us balance parenthood with self-care to keep us at our best. The Owlet Smart Sock is a nifty little bubba-friendly wearable that uses pulse oximetry to track an infant’s vitals while they sleep. Stats are fed through in real time to a parent’s smartphone app via a base station, which has Bluetooth range of up to 100 feet and uses coloured lights to notify the parent if there’s something that isn’t quite as it should be. These cute, smart socks are geared to take the stigma all the way out of monitor-parenting, without compromising on legit hospital-grade technology.

Designed by Karson Shadley and Rachael Stefanussen at Astro Studios, the Owlet smart sock won Core77’s Notable Design for Social Impact award in 2016, and we oh-so-agree. What a breath of fresh air in the field of baby monitors – a product which has somehow remained relatively unchanged since they hit the market decades ago. Flash-forward to the current iteration of the winning design, Smart Sock 2: it’s light as a feather, made from soft, non-toxic and hypoallergenic cotton, and its charging station sorts the wearable device out for 18 straight hours while also doubling as a night light. It’s incredible, and 83% of Owlet-using parents agree, reporting much better snoozy times after using the smart sock. Tangry parents: it’s time for some shut-eye.