Less flying foxes, more flying doctors

What does a solution to the global issue of healthcare logistics look like? Zipline – a drone delivery system that sends medical supplies to where they’re needed most. Yep: a waste-free, quick delivery of meds, blood, vaccines and other vital resources at low cost and without using gas. Zipline are helping to address postpartum bleeding, better healthcare in third-world countries, and the ability for rural areas to approach healthcare equality instead of slipping down the list because of inaccessible terrain and the poor infrastructure that comes with it.

From a couple of shipping containers in a cow-filled paddock on the Pacific Coast, Zipline’s HQ has evolved into the set of Mythbusters: lightning conductors and white tents all over the place; experiments perpetually in motion. They’re on a mission to provide instant delivery to everyone and despite drones being destined to transform commerce worldwide, Zipline aren’t focused on capitalising. They want to transform healthcare and partner with governments to make a much-needed difference where it matters most. It’s the kind of transport thinking we’d like to see more of. Uber Treats anyone?