Soft Stone

Knead we say more?

The only thing stiffer than our necks is the proverbial boner we have for this vibrating rock pillow. When suffering tension in your entire body, lying face up on a rock and waiting for it to pass seems like something only Björk would do, but Stockholm-based studio Claesson Koivisto Rune invites you to do exactly that. With their perfect little massage buddy design, Soft Stone fits equally well into your home, as it does your hunch.

Modelled from the smooth pebbles found along the shores of Swedish beaches, the addition of a Soft Stone is like taking home part of the Chi Chu Museum. Just looking at them has smoothed out a few of our knots. As physically pleasing as they are aesthetically, Soft Stones sit unassumingly amongst your furniture, always on hand – like a good, vibrating anything should.