Good vibrations

Vibrators. Bzzzzt. Whether you see yours as a tool for wellness, a stepping stone on your journey to sexual agency, or a leg-up to closing the orgasm gap with your boo, it’s hard to deny they’re becoming more and more approachable, cute and inclusive. Brooklyn babes Alexandra Fine and Janet Lieberman from Dame are at the top of the vibrator game, having created one of the few sex toy brands to ever be admitted to a mainstream crowdfunding platform.

Having experimented with many different moulds, components, iterations and user-testers in the creation of their vibrators, you know the Dame lasses are taking your sexy times seriously. Affordable and made with medical-grade phthalate-free silicone, these vibes are versatile, mobile and intuitive. If you don’t have the kind of labia that can hold the little vagina-beetle prongs of their hands-free Eva in place, never fear. Their secondary design is called Fin, and you wear it between the fingers you’d usually use to take care of business on your own. If you’re a clumsy lover, it also has an optional tether – you’re welcome.