Adrian Martinus

We wood

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? We don’t know, but these woodturning brothers would give one a run for its money. Adrian Martinus is the studio workshop creation of Adrian and Martinus Pool – a young studio established in 2012 and based in Calgary, Alberta. They work with reclaimed, recycled and rescued wood from broken skateboards, old gym flooring and aged planks from barns. Growing up amongst influences from both skating and carpentry, Adrian and Martinus formed their company to deal with their building (pun intended) dismay at the construction and skateboard waste they saw around them.

Fast forward to the present and the brothers are still maintaining creative momentum by exploring and pushing their own boundaries and skill levels on the daily. Craftsmanship and artistry are combined in this inherited craft (their grandfather was a woodturner), and the results are nothing short of spectacular: unique and ethical furniture, objects and interior installs, each piece with its very own depth, richness and history. In embracing the limits of the different materials they manipulate, Adrian Martinus manage to find what could be seen as a distinctive, almost idiosyncratic potential in rescued wood.