Page Thirty Three

Shine a light on me

When Ryan and Bianca thought up the premise of Page Thirty Three on their first date (!!), they must have known that this would be one for the books. A growing culture of tastemaker-cum-lifestyle-curator small business owners has become a staple of the homewares industry, and these two lovebirds have taken us straight to the #lifegoals zone. Page Thirty Three’s manifesto about examining the connection (and friction) between this big ol’ earth and its very hip inhabitants reminds us how important tangible rituals can be. Something as simple as lighting a candle or burning oil in your boudoir can become a delicious little moment to connect with yourself and your immediate environment, and Page Thirty Three just get it.

Thirty Three’s ‘functional artworks’ range from smaller knick-knacks (bath teabags and salts, compact lightboxes and garden sporks) to some very sexy home furniture and apparatus (chairs, tables, lamps and oil burners). They manufacture with predominantly locally sourced, sustainable, earthy and renewable materials, and encourage us to be more aware of the process involved in the creation of the objects we surround ourselves with. In their own words, Thirty Three live ‘in the aether between the two arcs of a hyperbola’. We wouldn’t have a clue where that is, but we’re keen as hell to visit.