De Vorm

Recycling never felt so good

To us, a pile of decaying water bottles doesn’t scream ‘appealing place to sit’ – but De Vorm, a furniture house based in the Netherlands, see lush felt waiting to be reclined in. These contemporary interior product designers have made a name for themselves upcycling discarded PET plastics into modern, sleek sitting (and pollution) solutions. Their process starts with breaking down bottles – you know, the kinds that generally fall out of vending machines before being swallowed by our precious marine life – and fusing together countless plastic flakes until they blend into the soft fibres that can be woven together as felt. 

It’s no secret that we’re producing more PET plastics than we can deal with, and Mother Nature is copping the fallout – even China has closed its doors to the UK’s ‘recycling’ program. While companies like Coca-Cola are only increasing their use of PET, De Vorm’s solution is more genius than comfortable and more necessary than decorative. Cafes, libraries, and public domains are fitting out with De Vorm goods all over the world, so you’ll be able to get your bum into one pronto.