Natural, naked

Ever wondered if there’s radiation in the air – and if so, how it might affect you? If your food and drinking water contain man-made fertiliser nasties? Or if you’re in the midst of an electromagnetic blizzard from all the electronic and telecommunication whatnot zapping through the air? If, like us, you’re a teeny tiny bit paranoid about the effects of human development on the very air that we breathe, we say ‘relax!’ now the Lapka’s in town. This beautiful gadget, which stands at just over two inches tall and is charged by your phone, has nothing but your best interests at heart.

The clever little Lapka can tell you the least electromagnetically polluted spot in your house. It can calculate exactly how many radioactive particles are in the air around you. And it can break it to you gently if that cucumber you just splurged a day’s pay on, isn’t actually organic. Working alongside an app that lets you store and share a ‘comfort diary’ of your day, this nifty device uses technology to make the world a better, more transparent place. Just don’t blame us if you can never again go anywhere without whipping out your Lapka.