Koskela Hoodie

Together alone

We’ve all been there. You’re tap tap tapping away in your beloved open-plan office when suddenly you realise you can’t think of a word, because you’re too busy focussing on your colleague’s lunch/footwear/bellowingly-loud phone call. Those clever chaps at Sydney’s Koskela tapped into this problematic element of open-space working and came up with the Hoodie – a nifty little device that lets you lean in and zone out.

Made by local Australian craftspeople using recycled timber and water-based glues, the Hoodie is a geometric dream that comes in a range of fruity flavours. As well as optional extras including LED lighting, customised fabric and internal shelves, the Hoodie also comes in a portable desktop version – ideal for less conventional office spaces. Koskela’s grand plan is to become a fully carbon-neutral business – here’s hoping the peace and quiet of the Hoodie lets them hammer that one out in no time.