Park and Slide

Get wet

So turns out May the Fourth was not only Star Wars day – it was also the date a busy city centre street in Bristol, England became a gloriously slippery, community-funded, one-day-only 90m water-slide from top to bottom.  The brainchild of local artist Luke JerramPark and Slide aimed to help people see new potential and possibility in the concrete sprawl of their home city, and gives excellently frothy new meaning to the phrase ‘urban playground’.

Shunning offers of corporate sponsorship, Jerram instead crowdsourced his way to funding an outdoor installation that proved wildly successful. With over 96,000 people entering for a ticket to slide, only 360 lucky souls got to actually take the plunge on the day – becoming, as Jerram puts it, performers that activated the piece itself. Should anyone around the world want to recreate the fun in their own city, Jerram plans to post detailed PDF plans on his website (including permissions processes), accessible to those who make a donation to FRANK water. Never has a simple slide been so worthy.



Park and slide Park and slide 2 Park and slide 3