21 Swings

Two is better than one

We’ve written about the benefits of swings before and we’ll happily write about them again. 21 Swings isn’t as straightforward as it sounds – yes, there are 21 swings but they’re also musical. We know, right? When in motion each swing triggers different notes, and when used simultaneously the swings create a musical composition in which melodies emerge through cooperation.

21 Swings is a wonderful project by interaction design studio Daily tous les jours, who focus on the art of participation and believe more can be achieved together than alone. Every spring this interactive installation takes over a high-traffic area in Montreal, with the sole purpose of creating a communal space where anyone, of any age and background, can go hang out. The tunes produced are really quite relaxing and we can imagine wanting to swing all day long. We just need a partner in chime…