Pigeon & Weasel

Wax on, wax off

As long as you don’t leave a candle unattended, they’re pretty great; they smell good, you can play with the wax and let’s face it – fire is fun to watch. With a love for candles and beer, and a want to encourage people to recycle, Clayton Anderson and Prue Jevtic started Pigeon & Weasel. They make all their soy candles from scratch, which are hand-poured into recycled beer bottles.

In order to keep up with demand, the duo struck up a relationship with a local bar that means all bottles are donated. It’s then Pigeon & Weasel’s job to ready the glass for wax by cleaning, scoring, cutting and polishing each bottle themselves. The result? A high quality candle that is triple scented and available in some intriguing aromas: Buddha’s Tears (say whaaaat), Chai Latte and Red Frogs. You can eat soy candles, right?