The Federal BBQ

Burn notice

For the Southern hemisphere at least, right now is prime barbecue weather. The smell of food roasting over flame is one of the key indicators of summer – that and sunblock, Golden Gaytimes and industrial amounts of insect repellent. Recognising that most of us don’t live in places large enough to swing a cat, Ottawa-based design agency The Federal has come up with it’s very own mini BBQ – a bijou burner inspired by childhood camping trips in the wilds of Ontario.

Instead of ugly, mass-produced metal barbies, this little treasure is fashioned from flame-retardant wood, steel and concrete.  Measuring a mere 18” x 18”, this boutique barbecue has a rustic charm all of its own. The Federal is the brainchild of Industrial Design graduates Ian Murchison and Rohan Thakar  who believe in exploring new ways to utilise good design. This bbq’s a case in point.