The way they roll

Are food trucks the new social hangout? That‘s the firm belief of business design graduate Michealle who, along with partner Natassha, found inspiration in line at a buzzing Korean BBQ truck. Having completed their overseas study only to find themselves in the midst of a dormant job market, the pair decided to transplant the social vibes of LA food trucks back to their native Philippines. Combatting relative inexperience with single-minded determination, the Guactruck – a sustainable truck serving Filipino-Mexican deliciousness to the good folk of Manila – was born.

With mobile eateries previously unheard of in the Philippines, the Guactruck team had some ground to cover. Pairing attractive, considered design with a customisable menu, the Guactruck has responsible operation at the centre of its business model. Boasting LEDs and energy-efficient lighting, the upcycled truck maximises space and encourages customers to return packaging. The overall Guactruck vision is to promote innovation and Filipino design, as well as “inspire positive social change by instilling conscious and conscientious consumerism”. Having looked at their menu, we just wish they delivered worldwide.