Fifty shades of light

Baby when the lights go out, every single word cannot express… just how dark it gets? 5ive knew it and we know it. Whether it’s safety, warmth or just feeling darn good, light has the power (pun intended) to change our mood for the better – and there’s now a new lightsmith on the block. Lumedécor create beautifully minimalistic lamps that are handmade right up to the shade – and that personal touch just makes us like ‘em even more.

Big on quality, these lamps boast recycled timber bases, brass fixtures and custom-made, stainless steel light battens. Lumedécor is the brainchild of designer Mia Parcell, who’s making sure the company stays true to minimalist principles – it’s not just about buying less but buying better. Her thoughtful creations currently come in three sizes, and we can’t wait to see what Parcell designs next. With an online shop that’s about to drop, keep an eye on Lumedécor’s Facebook or Instagram for announcements – ie when you can look lovingly at one of their lamps from the comfort of your own home.