Faraday Porteur

Wheely nice

Thought clunky, chunky electric bikes were a travesty on the traditional whizz-along pushbike of yesteryear? The nippy little Faraday Porteur’ll have you thinking again as you fly effortlessly through town on this elegantly retro cycle. Dreamt up as part of 2011’s Oregon Manifest Challenge (and eventual winner of the People’s Choice award), this little beauty boasts an integrated hub motor, a lithium-ion battery, and a computer that

senses just the right amount of electrical assistance to give your tired old legs. Created by designer consultancy IDEO and frame-builders Rock Lobster, the lure of the bike proved too much for IDEO team member Adam Vollner, who left his 9 to 5 to launch Faraday Bikes. Having now smashed it’s Kickstarter goal, the bike’s set to wheel straight into its first production run. Saddle up and say you were there from the start.