Shower power

When you get your hands on a good shower nozzle, it’s almost worth a nuzzle. Power, speed and size matters when it comes to spouts. You might not know just how good your head is until it’s gone, but let us tell you – there’s nothing worse than a small, weak surge. Introducing Nebia – a shower head to rule them all. This multi-spout system is not only easy on the eye and scalp, it uses 70% less water than your average shower.

At first we were a bit hesitant that Nebia would be strong enough to give our tresses a proper clean but we’ve been proved wrong – Nebs has been tested and approved by thermofluid experts. Yes, it’s a legit occupation and yes, it probably works like a charm if you’re in a bar trying to pick-up. While we can’t have this almighty valve in our homes until May 2016, we’re counting down the days to when our pockets will be a little lighter so our showers can be a little longer.