Promise or Pay

Do good, feel better

In a dream world we’d all be perfectly disciplined humans, with no problem sticking to our self-improvement goals and never finding ourselves face down in a bag of doughnuts at 3am. Or something. Typing for a friend. Anyway, we’d definitely all give to charity regularly and generously, whilst encouraging our nearest and dearest to do the same. Ahem. Luckily for us there’s Promise or Pay – a Sydney-based social enterprise that neatly combines charitable giving with a kick-ass incentive to become a better human.

From quitting sugar or smoking to taking up tai chi or wholeheartedly embracing a plastic-free July, Promise or Pay is the place for you to declare your good intentions and pledge to give to charity if you fail. If you do manage to turn over that new leaf, your friends and family can make a charitable donation in celebration of your achievement – meaning you’re a new and improved model, charities have more cashmoney and your family can stop worrying about you smelling like an ashtray when Granny comes to town. Everyone’s a winner.

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