Braille Bricks

Out of the mouths of babes

We all know it takes a village to raise a child – but imagine if a child could build that village themselves, and show us a whole new world by literally shifting the building blocks of education. The good folks at the Dorina Nowill Foundation have made it possible for kids to do just that with Braille Bricks – an innovative tool that teaches blind children to read and write, without alienating them or their teachers from the everyday classroom. Children without visual impairment are also invited to play, as are their parents, family, and the whole world for that matter.

Reminiscent of the Lego bricks most of us built our childhoods on, these cheerful tiles are not only irresistible to the inclusive classroom, but absolutely free for the taking too. Registered under a Creative Commons license, anyone anywhere in the world is permitted to reproduce and distribute this product. Braille Bricks have made it easier than ever to educate children at all levels of visual impairment and literacy. So get on it! Build words, build houses, build an entirely new village.