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There are standard ideas, and then there are ideas that are JUST TOO DARLING FOR WORDS. Except I’m going to use some words, for that is an essential part of writing a blog post. St Petersburg designer Katia Tolstykh‘s cranked the precious to a whole new level with Orator – an ergonomic bird feeder and nest in which a teeny-tiny megaphone disseminates the blissful sound of tweeting. That’s old-school traditional tweeting, rather than the indiscriminate sharing of opinions, your dinner and something funny you saw on Fallon last night.

Fashioned from oak and copper, these beauties aim to bring the sweet sound of nature to the gritty urban grind. Orator is part of Naturalist – a project founded by Russian product design collective IZBA and centring on the remit of bringing the great outdoors into city apartments.  From planters and furniture to this chirpy little number, each item neatly turns metaphorical grey into green – now we just need to find a bird to play ball (not literally of course, but ZOMG, how cute would that be.)

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