Orée Artisans

A little boulder than what you’re used to

It would appear that the word ‘artisanal’ has become the new ‘literally’, so thank goodness Orée are using the word literally, for a change. Hurr hurr. Their aesthetically comforting tech accessories cheered this grumpy bum up this morning, and they’ll cheer you up too. Especially if you’re that guy in the office who’s always scrambling to borrow someone’s phone charger cord because you’re down to 1%. Again. Somehow. A charged phone is the closest thing some people get to having their life together, and this tech product manufacturer is making that a very visually pleasing reality.

Founded by Julien Salanave and based in the south of France, the Orée artisans work with natural materials (mostly wood) to re-contextualise the way tech users engage with their instruments – and they’re doing a pretty darned good job. Their wooden Bluetooth keyboards got everyone in a bit of a tizzy on Product Hunt earlier this year, but their Pebbles are what we’re really excited about. These classy wireless smartphone chargers are crafted from a block of either walnut wood or marble, and allow you to charge up by resting your phone on their surface the same way you’d have it sitting on your desk. Except… charging. And pretty. What’s more, you can go your hardest with hands-free calling, and also play music through the pebble’s 360° Bluetooth audio system while you’re at it. This innovative little rock is likely to stop your phone from feeling like… your phone… and start to make it feel like the natural and effortless extension of yourself that smartphones were always meant to be.