In The Eyes of The Animals

All of the feels

Building upon our forestry fixation, there’s a newcomer to the virtual reality world and it’s oh-so cool. London-based Marshmallow Laser Feast (yes, legitimate business names on .W only pls) has produced a weird and wonderful virtual reality helmet that lets you experience the forest like an animal would. What does that mean exactly?

You’re given a big beautiful helmet that’s covered in moss (not sure if that actually affects your experience TBH), which completely immerses you into a computer-simulated forest. They’re pretty much letting you be a dragonfly for as long as you like. TECH RULES. To give you an idea of what you’ll see, a dragonfly experiences life ten times faster than a human and they’re not limited to trichromatic vision like us. Get a sneak peek of their wondrous installation here.