We thought the most incredible jacket we’d ever seen was Marty McFly’s self-drying threads. That is until we were introduced to the Reflective Reversible Jacket from ADIFF. Sure, these jackets are hella fashionable and they do everything the name suggests, but that’s not why they were created. NYC-based designer Angela Luna responded to the Syrian refugee crisis exactly how we all wanted to – by actually doing something about it. Her efforts led to an all-weathering jacket, designed to aid refugees by enabling them to be visible or invisible while travelling at night.  

ADIFF didn’t stop there. The brand now carries a range of transformable garments that easily become tents, sleeping bags and floatation devices. These origami-like designs are so well thought out, we’re now extra embarrassed we struggle to fold a fitted sheet. The best part? For each jacket purchased, ADIFF donates one to a person in need. Luna has successfully created a humanitarian fashion brand for change – for both outfit and outcome.